The Damnedest Thing
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The Damnedest Thing is a rhythm oriented high energy rock band, based in Fuquay / Holly Springs, NC.
We like to write music that is emotionally powerful no matter the tempo or progression.

From our list of 30+ original songs, The Damnedest Thing can perform a set of up to 60 minutes of material.

We have the priveledge of being able to rehearse in a Recording Studio, which means we get alot of ideas remembered digitally vs them being lost in the emotion of the time when the band 'just plays whatever it feels currently'.
It is not unusual for us to improv for an hour or more and have our listeners (or even ourselves sometimes) think we were rehearsing a pre-composed song upon playback. We then take ideas and/or progressions from these improvs and make our songs.
This is where our Band's name came from... it's The Damnedest Thing how it just pops out.

The Damnedest Thing is a mature band made up of five like minded musicians with over 30 years of experience each.

Jon Ketcham and Kevin Abernathy have been rhythm section partners since 1989, Kevin on Drums and Jon on Bass... 'Ez Pieces', 'Graphic Nature', 'Snag', 'Gutterfly' and 'Out of the Attic' are a few of their combined projects over the past 23 years.
After playing with over 30 guitar players in multiple bands as a pair during this time, Jon decided in 2004 he'd start playing guitar so the pair could continue to write music and record without an official guitar player or 'band'.
Although this was fun and the pair wrote many songs together, there was no way for Jon to play both the guitar and bass at the same time outside a recording studio and they both craved their true home, the stage, badly by now.
They started jamming with a friend on lead guitar and his buddy Kevin Jones on bass in 2006 with hopes to form the next project.
The lead guitar player, though still a great friend, just didn't mesh styles with the rest of us, so we parted ways and re-focused on our rythym orientation.
This was the original forming of The Damnedest Thing...

After many guitar player auditions, in April 2009 Paul Dreyfus walked thru the door and soon joined the band to fill out the dual-guitar sound the band craved.

The Damnedest Thing is constantly walking the line in-between musically interesting and listener simple, therefore enjoyable by technical musicians as well as the general beat stomping, head nodding, listener.

The Damnedest Thing

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