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Looking For Vocals

WANTED : Vocals

  • The Damnedest Thing is in search of a vocalist.
    Our requirements are talent, experience, personality and responsibility.
    Bring them all... only 4 of 4 will do.
    If you don't possess at least these qualities (or a good enough sob story of "how pathetic your life is right now and you use music as your outlet thru these tough times"), you aren't serious enough to consider.

    1. Talent is self explanatory, but we'd like to add that "talent" includes power and diversity in your voice for songs that are both "heavy" and "pretty".
    2. Experience means on-stage experience, not just singing in your shower.
    3. You must have a personality that enjoys sarcastic jokes and having fun while being seriously oriented into writing, rehearsing, recording and performing.
    4.a You must have a place to stay, a car to drive and a source of (legal) income to support yourself in "life" outside the band.
    4.b You must be on-time, if not early, to all band activities and will quite literally carry your 5th of the load in helping the band to "do stuff".
    4.c You must own equipment... we bought our rigs, hell the drummer bought his rig then mics for all his kit... the vocalist we are looking for should have at least a good mic, stand and cables.

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